The Magic Cake of Auntie Bantie

2015, 11 min.

Official Trailer

Directors: Georgi Dimitrov, Svilen Dimitrov
Script: Momchil Nikolov, Nelly Dimitrova, Svilen Dimitrov
Animation: Nikki Nikolov, Veselin Dochev-VEDO, Nikolay Nachev, Svilen Dimitrov, Anna Slavkova, Plamen Ivanov, Zdravko Milenov
Cast: Alexander Voronov (voice), Georgi Todorov (voice), Cvetan Vatev (voice), Simona Nanova (voice)
Production: Miramar Film

In a pretty little town life goes sweetly. Auntie Bantie bakes a magic cake that the children can’t wait to eat. It makes them fly happily in the sky, singing and playing all day long. As long as the children are happy, the parents are happy and so is the Minister of Magic. One day, little Pinto finds the monster berzeban in Bantie’s house while she’s away. It turns out that Bantie is actually the evil witch Berberela who is scheming to cover the world with dark forest by turning all children into trees. Somebody has to stop Berberela.